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Testing Services

We do not believe in testing for testing sake. Our philosophy is: Test once. Test smart. Test efficiently.

Independent Testing Services For All Lighting Companies

The lighting marketplace is facing unprecedented change. As rapidly-evolving technology enters the mainstream, widespread confusion and mistrust of data is prevalent. During this time of constantly-changing regulations, standards and compliance requirements, a trusted independent source becomes imperative.

At LUX-TSI we cover the full spectrum of testing requirements. Your one-stop-shop for all your testing and certification needs.

Whether you need Photometry, Energy Effciency, Safety, Photobiological, RoHS, Environmental, Life testing or EMC testing, LUX-TSI is your one-stop-shop for testing to any standards as well as bespoke energy performance incentive schemes - such as California Energy Commission (CEC), Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) and Energy Star.


As the UK’s leading ISO 17025 Accredited laboratory, we can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Global market Access needs.


Our UKAS Accredited laboratories contains the industry’s most advanced equipment including industry leading Type C Moving Mirror Goniophotometer, Integrating Spheres, Type B Imaging Goniophotometer and Gonio spectroradiometer, imaging colorimeter and photometer, along with a 30m tunnel capable of performing retro-reflective testing of any products or materials.


Our international photometry expertise is here to support all your testing and consultancy needs.

Photometric Testing

Unique within the UK, our laboratory can provide UKAS (ILAC) - accredited goniometric testing

• State of the art Type C goniometer

• Intensity distribution measurements

• IES / Eulumdat files

• Accredited LM-79 / EN13032 reports

• High Res images for marketing datasheets

• Spectral analysis including CCT, duv, CRI, CQS, TM-30 color quality indicators • Glare and Flicker assessment

• IES LM-79-08 / CIE S 025 EN 13032 / LM-85-14 standards

• DOE Lighting Facts

• Design Lights Consortium (DLC), California Energy Commission

• Energy Star submissions

• Elexon UMS testing

• Global Energy Efficiency Standards

Lifetime Performance Testing

Our UKAS (ILAC) – accredited testing can support your submission for any global schemes

• Thermal Imaging

• In-situ Temperature Assessment of LEDs (ISTMT)

• Lumen Maintenance

• Colour Maintenance

• Accelerated Ageing Testing

• Temperature Cycling

• Power (Supply) switch Cycling


• IES LM-80 / TM-21

• IES LM-84 / TM-28

• IES LM-82 / LM-85

• IEC/EN 62612 (LED Lamps)

• IEC 62717 (LED modules)

• IEC 62722 (LED luminaires)

• Eco-design directive 1194/2012

• Automotive EN 60809/60810

Safety Testing

Offer a modular, scalable approach, allowing you to de-risk your safety testing and manage the costs effectively

• Compliance to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

• Testing covers every aspect including: Lamp

• Module/Light Engine

• Luminaire

• Drivers and Controls


• IEC/EN 60598, 62031, 62560

• IEC/EN 61347

• IEC/EN 62471:2008, IEC/TR62778 IEC 60825 laser safety

• Support for North America NRTL (UL/ETL/METL) submissions to UL 1598/2108/8750 standards

Environmental and Life Testing

To ensure performance in the extremes of a real life environment

• Temperature & Humidity

• Thermal Cycling (Climatic chambers), • Drop & Vibration testing

• Ingress Protection IP rating

• Impact Protection IK rating

• Verification Certificate


• MIL / JES / JEDEC standards

• IEC 60529

• IEC 62262

EMC Testing

Cost-effective, accredited EMC testing

• Compliance to EMC Directive

• Radiated and Conducted Emissions

• Radiated and Conducted Immunity

• Harmonics, Flicker, Transients and ESD


• EN 55015 (CISPR 15)

• EN 61000-3-2 & EN 61000-3-3

• EN 61547


RoHS Testing

• Temperature & Humidity

• Thermal Cycling (Climatic chambers), • Drop & Vibration testing

• Ingress Protection IP rating

• Impact Protection IK rating

• Verification Certificate


• EN 62321:2009





WO-1822 45min

WO-1822 45min

dark tunnel

dark tunnel









LED lamp testing

LED lamp testing

environmental testing

environmental testing



photobiological testing

photobiological testing



Indo etc 017

Indo etc 017

Figure 3-web(1)

Figure 3-web(1)

An independent, trusted source of testing and advice is imperative

Due to the rapid development of new technology entering the mainstream - technological complexity and supply chain uncertainty increases exponentially. Widespread confusion and mistrust of data is prevalent. Regulations, standards and compliance requirements are in a constant state of flux - A trusted independent source of advice becomes imperative!

We cover the full spectrum of testing requirements

Our experts, laboratories and partners can support all your EMC needs from pre-compliance and research to market certification and regulatory approvals; Come and talk to us and you will see how easy it is to get the right help! As the UK’s leading ISO 17025 Accredited Lighting laboratory, we can provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Global market Access needs.

Our clear and unambiguous guidance enables our clients to become more knowledgeable

• LUX-TSI has in house experts to manage the whole product certification process.

• Our experts are flexible, responsive and attuned to the needs of companies both large and small.

• We can offer a one-stop-shop for all product certification and testing needs.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing and Compliance Services For All Lighting Companies

EMC Compliance Requirements are changing rapidly

The new European Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive (2014/30/EU) and the Radio Equipment (RED) Directive (2014/53/EU) provide the key regulatory requirements for EMC and safety in Europe for products which emit, use or could be affected by radio frequencies. For North America - FCC and Industry Canada regulations exist which are different to those in Europe.

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the new lighting eco-system

The lighting marketplace is facing unprecedented change. The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving new lighting eco-systems. Technology, which for 100 years has been based on a wall switch and ‘glass and metal’, is now semiconductor electronics and software. Lighting as an integral component of IoT is being seamlessly integrated using LEDs, electronic controls, wireless networks and driver technologies. Communications involving radio frequencies is present in more and more products.

Industry Compliance Marks Supported

Product Testing and Design Verification

• Early Stage Design Concept EMC/EMI Compliance Verification of products at any level of development


• EMC Pre Compliance Testing including solving problems to provide fixes for emissions and immunity test failures


• EMC Accredited Compliance Testing via UKAS (ILAC) and FCC accredited laboratory

Consultancy and Market Access Support

• Compliance Gap analysis to prevent duplication of testing costs


• Expert advice on wide ranging aspects of EMC compliance


• Global Market Access Compliance Roadmaps


• Technical File Assembly and Management


• Checking of Certifications and Test Reports on Imported Products

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