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Independent Consultancy and Product Certification Services for LED and Lighting Companies

The global lighting industry is facing unprecedented change driven by rapidly developing technology, evolving regulation and an increasingly competitive environment
IoT is driving the new light

Technology, which for 100 years has been based on ‘glass and metal’, is now semiconductor electronics and software. Light is now an integral component of the Internet of Things (IoT), with LEDs, electronic controls and driver technology all seamlessly integrated with wireless and wired networks. Technological complexity and supply chain uncertainty is increasing exponentially

Are you ready to cope with the level of change?

This level of change is creating widespread confusion on the correct approach to Design, Testing and Certification. ‘Change’ is impacting a manufacturer’s ability to effectively sell products in an increasingly global marketplace. ‘Change’ is impacting the level of trust in any performance or safety-related data required to satisfy complex regulatory environments. The regulatory environment is not helping. The lack of global harmonized standards leads to a quagmire of differing and contradictory standards. Little to no correlation exists between ‘regulation’ and product. Further, the uncertainty of Brexit has muddied an already confusing situation. Nevertheless, new large-scale entrants from overseas are looking to enter the UK and European market, potentially able to out-compete local competitors with resources, skills and capital. Getting safe and compliant products on time to market makes the entire difference to the profitability of your product range.

Quick Overview:
• Global Market Access
• Product Certification Services
• CE Marking Services
• UL/NRTL Listing
• Accredited Testing
• Access to Asia & Middle East
• Technical File Management
• Product Design Verification
A trusted independent knowledgeable source becomes imperative

Our consulting and training services is designed to ensure you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner - whether it’s navigating the labyrinth of regulation, gaining global market access, ensuring sustainable operations, understanding how to manage certification and testing processes. We achieve this through a unique blend of consulting services - ranging from expert knowledge transfer and ‘insight’, to training courses, one-one mentoring or company workshops. Our consulting services are backed-up by our in-house accredited testing laboratory. Our strong partnerships with global certification bodies ensure we cover your needs from start to finish. We even accept placement of your staff within our own laboratories for the ultimate ‘on-the-job’ training experience.

Our clear and unambiguous guidance enables our clients to become more knowledgeable

LUX-TSI has in house experts to manage the whole product certification process. Our experts are flexible, responsive and attuned to the needs of companies both large and small. We can offer a one-stop-shop for all product certification and testing needs.

Market Access Scoping Services (MASS)

What do you need to sell your product in different locations around the world e.g. CE marking for Europe or UL listing/approvals in North America?

• Design for Compliance Consultancy

• Simple Checklist Access Summary

• Review of Regulatory Requirements

• Product Family Overview

• Reviewing Existing Declaration of Conformity

Design Verification Services (DEVS)

When your products are in early stage of development then we can help.

• Design for Compliance Review

• Creation of Verification Plans

• Training and Mentoring Services

• Industry Benchmarking

Market Access Management Services (MAMS)

Following on from the scoping we can manage your testing and certification needs to get products ready for sales in the target marketplace. We can offer an end to end service of only selected aspects based on exactly WHAT YOU NEED.

• Direct Management of Testing

• Assistance with Export Paperwork

• Product Technical Due Dilligence

• Project management

• Third-party safety approval marks e.g. UL approval for US/Canada

• Notified Body CE certification of regulated products.

• Global approvals such as CB scheme

Market Access Review Services (MARS)

When your product is sold into the market the challenges do not end. Changing regulations and standards require constant vigilance.

• Updates on Changing Regulatory Requirements

• Gap Analysis of new standards

• Scoping of Tests required to maintain conformity

• Management of Testing and Certification through MAMS

Laboratory Ideal Practice Services (LIPS)

When you need an in house laboratory or compliance capability we are here to help you.

• Pre-Audit Readiness

• Audit Management

• ISO 17025 QMS system implementation

• Best practice test procedures and checklist

Supporting Trading Standards in Protecting the Consumer 

Trading Standards are at the forefront of consumer protection

Hundreds of new products enter the market every year - many are fine, but a significant number fail basic safety standards.


Trading Standards, whilst at the forefront of protecting the public, don’t want to obstruct business unnecessarily. With so many new products and new technologies flooding the market, few Authorities can expect to be experts in everything.


LUX-TSI understand that at peak times, like Christmas, the situation can be particularly fraught. Resolving problems quickly, efficiently and with confidence is essential.


LUX-TSI can help Trading Standards and importers by clarifying objectively what directives, standards and regulations apply, whether the product and associated documentation comply, and working with importers to resolve issues with their suppliers wherever possible.  This can include product testing as well as advice.

The European wide Rapex (Rapid Alert System weekly Update) report for the 1st week November 2016 alone showed over 12 electrical or lighting consumer products at serious risk of shock or safety critical failure. These products are heading towards the UK!

LUX-TSI - has the fastest most responsive times in the industry 

At LUX-TSI we pride ourselves as one of the most responsive testing and consultancy businesses in UK, with knowledgeable subject matter specialists and consultants. We have fully equipped and accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratories. With our network of partners, based around the UK, we can work with retailers, manufactures and importers alike to validate any product to ensure it meets all safety and performance standards and recommend what actions are required if failure occurs.

An independent, trusted source of testing is imperative 

Key to our success is the one-stop-shop approach where we manage any and all consultancy, testing and reporting tasks, from start to finish.  We take ownership of the ‘problem’ so that you have the confidence of knowing that the problem is being solved by industry experts and your questions will get answered.

We do not believe in a ‘one sizets all’ approach to compliance and testing 

Top of any supplier’s or importer’s concerns is that advice and testing – especially at the ‘last minute’- is often expensive and priced to extract maximum profit. At LUX-TSI, we have developed a modular, scalable approach, allowing customers to de-risk all of their needs and to manage their costs effectively. We do not believe in testing for testing sake.


Our philosophy is: Test once. Test smart. Test efficiently!

Come and talk to us and you will see how easy it is to get the right help.

LUX-TSI has in-house experts to manage the whole product testing process. Our experts are flexible, responsive and attuned to the needs of retailers, importers and manufactures both large and small. We can offer a one-stop-shop.

Independent Verification and Compliance Testing 

Management of your testing using our global network of Accredited Laboratories:

• EU/International product safety, including : IEC/EN 60598/62560/61347 – Lighting

IEC/EN 60335 – Household

IEC/EN 61010 – Laboratory

IEC/EN 60950/60065/62368 – AV/IT

IEC/EN 60204 – Machinery

IEC/EN 60730 – Controls

IEC 62133/60086 – Batteries


• CISPR XX / EN 550XX / IEC/EN 61000 – EMC


• EN 62321/ EN 50581 - ROHS


• CB scheme for Global Markets

Regulatory Advice and Certification

One-Stop-Shop consultancy to achieve Regulatory Market Access advice and provide the route to certification:

• General Product Safety Directive (GPSD)

• CE Marking:

New Legislative Framework (NLF)

Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

EMC Directive (EMC)

Eco Design Directive (ErP)

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)


Lifts and Machinery


Machinery Directive

Personal Protective Equipment

Pressure Equipment





• Product Listings and Component Recognition

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